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Jerry Leger & The Situation

At heart, Canadian singer-songwriter Jerry Leger is driven by a quest to convey in his own manner the purity embedded in the grooves of the vintage rock, country and blues recordings he so dearly loves. This trait attracted support from fellow singer/songwriters like Ron Sexsmith (who called Leger, "One of the best songwriters I've heard in quite some time.") and his staunchest ally, producer and label head Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies, who signed Jerry to his label, Latent Recordings in 2013. He has been called “one of Canada’s best songwriters” by Rolling Stone and "a gifted storyteller” by The Toronto Star. His latest release, the Polaris Prize listed ‘Nonsense and Heartache’ is a 2-record set showcasing the two major musical sides of him. The idea was spearheaded by Timmins with ‘Nonsense’ displaying Leger’s rock ‘n’ roll and bluesy grit while ‘Heartache’ is a more folk-roots-melodic expression.

Jerry Leger klingt so.

Unterstützung gibt's von DJ Onkel Konrad. 

Einlass: 20 Uhr.