Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt


Lukas Häger is a musician from Uppsala, Sweden, and part of bands such as Reveal! and No future. Known for a very intimate yet pure and uncompromising confrontation of all specters of good and evil, this circle has been releasing quite a few unique records of their digressions. Now Lukas Häger has released his solo album and will be touring Europe for the first time as a solo artist. After years of collecting ideas, experimenting, and also releasing songs, he has now compiled the synopsis and released – FOLKMORD I TING –. A subtle impression of what's not tangible but lives and dwells among us.
He will be accompanied by GNEVER the Solo project of Vienna based artist Laura Hatting also involved in different musical projects such as Witch Ghetto or dj Pechmarie. GNEVER deals with all kinds of violence, and violence alone. Chasing people through their grief is mutilation; evil is a point of no return; and loneliness is nothing but another limit to overcome. May your pain, too, turn to anger. Wrapping that darkness with a bitter-sweet take on deliverance is the core where both artists meet. Our aim for these shows is to create a moment of silence and dedication. To open a view on a subtext that depends on you, the listener, and how you are capable of stopping for a second and listening, hide from time and be open to your own vulnerability. And pain, fear, and grief.

Lukas Häger : https://endallparties.bandcamp.com/album/folkmord-i-ting
Gnever : https://gnever.bandcamp.com

Einlass: 20 Uhr