Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt

More Kicks

More Kicks is an explosion of pop melodies, jet-fuelled guitar riffs and shifting, sinewy rhythms.

The band arrived from nowhere – seemingly fully formed – at the end of 2017 on London’s garage scene. They immediately stood out a mile thanks to their unique mix of pop sensibilities, rhythm & blues bass and good-time powerpop drums.

Hidden away making loud music in tiny rooms, the trio (Sulli – vox/guitar; Kris – drums; Paolo – bass/vox) had been busy cooking up a rare alchemy. The result: a three-minute More Kicks song can touch on classic 60s garage, 70s NYC rock and roll, jagged 90s guitar pop – all wrapped in a razor sharp bundle. A glance backwards and a decisive step forwards.

Einlass: 20 Uhr