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Reptilians From Andromeda

Reptilians From Andromeda is one of the most active bands in the Istanbul's underground garage punk scene. Band formed by Aybike Celik Özbey (Vocals) and Tolga Özbey (Guitar) in 2013. Tolga Özbey is also known as founder member of well known Turkish 90's punk rock band Rashit. Reptilians From Andromeda, released 7 Ep's and one Lp from several Us/Uk record labels in recent years. Band released one 7" Ep called " Doomsday " and a Lp called " Dialogues For Monkeys " from Prof Sny Records (Czechia) in 2018. RFA had really good reviews by international music magazines and writers.

Einlass: 20 Uhr