Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt

Slander Tongue

SLANDER TONGUE is a Berlin-based Rock & Roll band. Four guys who have spent the past years in various bands (BIKES, MODERN PETS, King Khan & THE SHRINES, SICK HORSE, ...) and a few bars to get into that groove that makes your hair hang loose! Nowadays it's rare to find a Berlin band that doesn't hide its sound behind a array of pedals. Guitar solos that don't allow a piss break in between song, all backed up by a solid rhythm and topped by a snarling voice. Think J. Thunders sharing a ride with Fred "Sonic" Smith down Quaalude Highway while Ian Hunter (Mott) and Chris Bailey (Saints) are getting wasted in the backseat singing along to an old Goat's Head Soup tape.

Einlass: 20 Uhr