Dreikönigskeller Frankfurt


Die Svetlanas wurden, dank ihrer super intensiven Gigs, schon öfter als die "gefährlichste Band der Welt" bezeichnet! Vielleicht auch, weil die Band seit vielen Jahren Einreiseverbot nach Russland hat - der Heimatstadt von Sängerin Olga.


"Olga has quite an unusual voice, kind of like an angry cornered mongoose"
-Jello Biafra

"I swear to God their approach to music is still gross and strong like a Vodka shot”
-Malcom McLaren

"Their music will be listened to by 40 millions of Americans."
-Gene Simmons

"The best front wo'Man' I've seen since Lee (Trash Talk) and Blag Jesus (The Dwarves)
-Nick Oliveri

"The most dangerous band in the world." 
-Dying Scene

-"Svetlanas kicking major ass
-New Noise Magazine 
(Issue 19)

"The Svetlanas is able to keep up such level of energy that seems like it will never stop throughout an entire set and then that energy is transferred to the crowd. Lead singer Olga was on stage, off stage in people’s faces then back on stage then in the crowd again throughout the set."
-Az Punk Scene

"Olga Svetlanas is Henry Rollins in female form."
-Punk in Vegas

"Svetlanas were simply unstoppable, with bodies constantly flying from the stage into the pit like crash test dummies."
-Dying Scene

"Not punk enough was not a problem for The Svetlanas. This was a very entertaining set."
-Boston Groupie News

Einlass: 20 Uhr